This year is the 53rd birthday of the Dallas Woods and Waters Club and I'm excited and honored to be serving as your President.

I am honored to carry on the tradition of providing a forum for those interested in hunting, fishing, conservation, and outdoor education--the original stated purposes of the Club. As a young boy I was very active in Boy Scouts and YMCA here in Dallas, which had a lot to do with shaping who I am today, so to me it is an honor to continue to serve those organizations through the Dallas Woods & Waters Club.

While there are serveral outdoor-oriented clubs with similar purposes in our area, our club is distinctly unique. To my knowledge, we are the only such organizaiton that has hunting, fishing, or shooting events every month just for our members! Bring a friend, bring your children and grandchildren and join us in the great outdoors!

Joe Chenoweth
2014-2016 President

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Monthly Meeting Reservations
Date: November 13, 2014
Time: Happy Hour 6:30pm Dinner 7:00pm
Speaker: Ted Lyon, conservationist, sportsman, author, and former Texas state legislator.

The Great Destruction of our Wild Game

Ted Lyon will present a realistic accounting of the science, economics and politics of management of the gray wolf, perhaps the most controversial mammal in modern times. In all areas where wolves are found, they are an extremely controversial topic--a topic which Ted has addressed at length in his new book, The Real Wolf. There are numerous books about wolves; however, what makes Ted’s book, The Real Wolf, special is that he was one of the key people behind the two-sentence rider in the 2011 budget bill that got wolves removed from the Endangered Species list in the Northern Rockies so that they could be managed by states. The Real Wolf is not an anti-wolf book, but rather it is about cutting through romanticism, exploitation, sensationalism and frankly, coercion, to come up with a management program for wolves that is appropriate to modern times and the people who must live with them. Ted is a trial lawyer. The book begins as if Ted is presenting a very important court case about modern wildlife management to the Court of Public Opinion, with the readers as the jury. Ted has received many awards for his leadership in using science-based wildlife biology to craft laws, as well as courtroom work seeking justice. This book uses a scientific approach to present a very convincing case that wolf management at the federal and state level has not been guided by science and hard facts, but instead by romanticized idealism, and the desire of environmental organizations to exploit the wolf for fund-raising. A number of chapters in the book were written by “expert witnesses” – scientists, biologists, economists, wildlife managers, and geneticists. It is told from their perspective based on their research and of people who live and work in close proximity with wolves.


Sheraton Dallas North
4801 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75244

RSVP requested to info@dwwcc.org or (214) 218-6670 or by purchasing your ticket through the above PayPal link prior to Monday, November 10.